Do I need a LinkedIn Premium account to use Atlas Outreach?

Since LinkedIn limits the number of profiles you can view or search for on a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to take full advantage of Atlas Outreach features.

Is there a long term commitment?

No, you can change or cancel your account anytime.

Is my data secure?

Atlas Outreach doesn’t save any sensitive information and uses a secure, SSL encrypted connection when performing actions on your LinkedIn account.

Can I run Atlas Outreach on multiple LinkedIn profiles?

One Atlas Outreach license will be linked to one LInkedIn account. However, you can change this account or add additional licenses at any time.

What makes Atlas Outreach different from other solutions?

Atlas Outreach is not another chrome extension. It saves you time by automating LinkedIn tasks without having to interact with the platform on a daily basis. Your subscription also comes with a dedicated account representative that will help you get started.

What results can I expect to see?

Each profile and business is different. However, all business need exposure to keep growing. Our clients see response rates between 10-22%. The automated messaging and connection features will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day.

How do I guarantee success?

Once you sign up with Atlas Outreach, you will have a dedicated account manager with you every step of the way. They will help you and your team with setup, strategy, and offer continued support.