About Us

Atlas Outreach is a sales and networking automation tool for LinkedIn. Send customized messages and connection requests, generate leads, and manage your account all with the press of a button. Atlas Outreach will save you and your team hours of hard work.

Product Features



Work with your dedicated account manager to create the perfect prospect list on LinkedIn.

Customizable Content

Make your messages personal with the prospect’s name, company, position, location, and more.


Remove specific companies and individuals from your prospecting. You can import your own list with thousands of items.

Messages and Connections

Send automated messages and connection requests to your prospects and get new leads every day.

Account Friendly

Remove old connection requests that may be adding clutter to your LinkedIn account.

Regional Separation

Prevent your sales team from stepping on each others toes by limiting outreach to their territory.

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Atlas Outreach has been an invaluable sales tool for me during my time as an outbound sales representative. Atlas Outreach is very quick and easy to set up.

One of my favorite aspects to the tool is the “Volume” feature which allows me to customize the number of InMails and connection requests I send without using up all of my InMail credits.

In the 2 months of using Atlas Outreach, I’ve scheduled 5 meetings which are all qualified and one of them already closed for $40,000 in ARR.

If you value automation, ROI, and prospecting through LinkedIn, Atlas Outreach is the tool that makes sense!

SDR at Reciprocity, Inc.